Tuesday, January 25, 2011

x Florence Lawrence x

The "biograph Girl"

Achieved her life-long dream of buying a massive estate and grew roses

Had a fight with her husband

He left and sent her letters about how he was going to commit suicide

They Reunite

She retired from films

Induced to work on last few films

Stage fire breaks out on set

Lawrence gets burnt and suffers a fall

Blames husband for making her do that film

They divorce

Never regains career

Gets married again to someone new

They divorce.

Marries someone else

He's abusive

They divorce

Travels to Hollywood to regain career

MGM pay her $75 a week for bit parts

Alone and discouraged she suffers from myelofibrosis

Commits suicide by eating ant paste

Buried in an unmarked grave until 1991 when Roddy McDowall pays for a memorial marker.

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