Friday, December 24, 2010

x Marianne Faithfull x

Once the girlfriend of Mick Jagger, a woman with an incredible mind and beauty; you would never think she used to be homeless, anorexic or an addict?

I started this research after reading a book on Courtney Love. Even her band name Hole spoke to me. We all have holes, holes in our souls and we try desperately to fill them. With love, food, sex, drugs, whatever. The belief that these holes have been created by environment, that only when we were born were we once whole is a scary thought.

But perhaps the most worrying thing at all is Fear.

Fear is what stops us (even if just fleetingly) from pursuit.

Looking at Marianne Faithfull, or even just listening to her songs, she sings through those holes, she breathes through them, she cries through them.

And she still has those beautiful eyes that looked scared, intrigued, hurt and hopeful all at the same time.