Thursday, September 8, 2011

x Rosettes (continued...) x

x Rosettes x

Image that I worked on, of the amazing Claude Cahun. I thought if anyone wouldn't mind me using an image of them in the quest of gender studies, feminism, painting and pleasure; it would be Claude.

Below are the rosettes I'm using for new work, whilst tying up loose ends of old work.

The rosettes are part of a new and exciting project.......coming soon. (Not as ominous as it sounds!) x

Saturday, February 12, 2011

x Lana Turner x

Father robbed and murdered

Her mother and her move to LA

Lana was "discovered" in a Hollywood Drug Store buying a coke

8 Marriages

One lover, Stompanato, came on set with a gun.

Sean Connery punched him and took away the gun.

Stompanato was deported by Scotland Yard.

Turner and Stompanato have an argument;
Her daughter, fearing her mother's life, took a kitchen knife and stabbed Stompanato; killing him.

Negative Publicity Ruins Career.

Has a heart attack;

Becomes a born again-Christian.

Battles a 3 year fight against throat cancer.


Majority of estate left to maid.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

x Carole Lombard x

Angry Father

Parents Divorce

Film Debut aged 12

Not great film parts

Married in 1931

Divorced in 1933

1934 - lots of successful films

Meets the love of her life

He proposes

He dies

1936 Academy Award Nomination "Best Actress"

Held lots of "unconventional parties"

Marries Clark Gable

Buy a ranch and raise chickens together

Attempts to have a child fail

Boards a plane to California

It Crashes

She dies

Gable devastated

Joins US Armed Air Forces

Attends the Launch of the Liberty ship "SS LOMBARD" named in her honour.

Monday, February 7, 2011

x Gail Russell x

Extraordinary Beauty meant Paramount Pictures employed her

She was Clinically Shy

Appeared in lots of popular films


Begins drinking to help ease her stage fright and lack of self-confidence

Paramount doesn't renew her contract

She divorces her husband

In 1957 is photographed driving her convertible into the front of a coffee shop

She appears in two more films

Found Dead

Due to Liver Damage and Malnutrition

x Olive Thomas x (Baby Vamp)

Worked as a Sales Girl selling Gingham

Married at 16

Divorced at 18

Enters "The Most Beautiful Girl In New York" competition


Becomes part of the Ziegfield Follies

Takes Part in the Midnight Frolic

Her Midnight Frolic costume is balloons which men pop with cigars

Becomes object of affection by many rich admirers

Poses Nude for Alberto Vargas

Makes Film Debut

Marries Jack Pickford

Created the image of "Baby Vamp"

First Actress to be called "Flapper"

Made $3,000 a week

Thomas partied hard, loved alcohol

Alcoholism in her family

Car crashes and fights with her husband

Adopts her six year old nephew

Love of her husband's life

They head for Paris for a second honeymoon

They have a night of partying

Rumours say she took cocaine that night

Accidentally ingests mercury bichloride solution (that was meant for her husband's syphilis)

Screams "Oh my god!"

Too late

Last words 'Pretty weak, but I'll be all right in a little while, don't worry, darling"


Husband brings her body back to US, attempts to commit suicide

Thomas' ghost is said to haunt the New Amsterdam Theatre where she performed in Midnight Frolic.