Monday, January 31, 2011

x Dorothy Dandridge x

Parent's split up shortly after her birth

With sister was a vaudeville acted called "The Wonder Sisters"

Skipped School

Great Depression ruins The Wonder Sisters

Move to New York

Re-name themselves "The Dandridge Sisters"

Performed at The Cotton Club

Got into Film Work

Married Dancer and had child

Child Born brain damaged

Couple Divorce

Starred with John Wayne

Carmen Jones

Nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress
First African American to be nominated for Best Actress

Island In The Sun

No more film parts come

She sings in nightclubs again

Marries Jack Denison

Domestic Abuse Rumours

Divorces him

Swindled out of money

Owes taxes

Sells Hollywood Home

Puts Daughter in Mental Institution

Dorothy Suffers Nervous Breakdown

Earl Mills starts arranging her "comeback"

Comeback never comes.

Overdose of Antidepressant

Dies aged 42.

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