Monday, February 7, 2011

x Olive Thomas x (Baby Vamp)

Worked as a Sales Girl selling Gingham

Married at 16

Divorced at 18

Enters "The Most Beautiful Girl In New York" competition


Becomes part of the Ziegfield Follies

Takes Part in the Midnight Frolic

Her Midnight Frolic costume is balloons which men pop with cigars

Becomes object of affection by many rich admirers

Poses Nude for Alberto Vargas

Makes Film Debut

Marries Jack Pickford

Created the image of "Baby Vamp"

First Actress to be called "Flapper"

Made $3,000 a week

Thomas partied hard, loved alcohol

Alcoholism in her family

Car crashes and fights with her husband

Adopts her six year old nephew

Love of her husband's life

They head for Paris for a second honeymoon

They have a night of partying

Rumours say she took cocaine that night

Accidentally ingests mercury bichloride solution (that was meant for her husband's syphilis)

Screams "Oh my god!"

Too late

Last words 'Pretty weak, but I'll be all right in a little while, don't worry, darling"


Husband brings her body back to US, attempts to commit suicide

Thomas' ghost is said to haunt the New Amsterdam Theatre where she performed in Midnight Frolic.

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